A Company in Balance
The PC Doctectives was founded on the belief that computer support should be based on a highly-trusted relationship where there is a well-defined balance between convenience, affordability and personal attention to an individuals needs. We build solid relationships with our clients by delivering a level of service that is uncommon today, especially in the technical area. Don’t take our word for it, listen what our clients have to say about us here.

Our Approach
We are Detectives first and foremost and our 50 years of combined PC experience is crucial when it comes to tracking down everything from the tricky hardware problem to the nastiest combination of malware you could ever imagine. Then we diagnose as Doctors and treat the problems, then work in a preventative mode to keep you out of trouble going forward.
Along the way however, we are focused on preserving your pictures, music, documents and even your time. We refuse to take the easy way out and do what most other support desks or “geeks” consistently end up recommending: i.e. “Reinstall your operating system”…wiping out all your info and tons of your time by rebuilding your system from scratch!

Our Mission
Provide families and smaller businesses with one place to go to better protect their future.

Our Promise to You
Simply put: Provide you with efficient solutions to your “Digital Life-based” issues, problems and questions… instantly and securely, right over the Internet.

Green… Been there, doing that
From the beginning, our business model incorporated “being green” as an integral part of how we work. We constantly strive to minimize our impact on the earth by looking at where we can cut consumption in all areas of our business. The core environmental savings are achieved by simply not driving to our clients unless absolutely necessary.

Bottom Line
We look forward to exceeding your expectations in all areas of our relationship.

Please visit our Contact page, and call today to talk with someone who really cares and you can understand!