”I still can’t believe it… You guys are as good as it gets. It is so hard today to find decent service anywhere and I am constantly impressed that I can send a note or call up and have instant resolutions to my issues! Not only do you keep my Logistics business up and running through your super service, but with your maintenance plan, my costs are lower and systems maintained with me having to even think about it. It just doesn’t get any better – thanks for being there!"
- Bill H, Acton, MA:

”I use my home computer for work and home and I can't waste time dragging it to some shop only to have them sit on it for 3 to 5 days. It was a blessing that a friend recommended The PC Doctectives. It was an almost instant response, super-easy and kind of fun to see the technician removing spyware and other infections, right over the Internet. I had the work done Monday morning while I had my coffee and was back up and running, better than ever, in less than an hour… AMAZING!"
- Marty J, Medfield, MA:

"You were friendly, non-intimidating and very helpful to the non-Geek. In a short time my computer went from 'Model A' to Ferrari-level performance with a quick tune-up with one of your technicians, right through the internet connection."
- Ken C, Wellesley, MA:

“I am fairly computer savvy and I had been trying to fix my slow computer for literally days on end, without any real luck. I took the PC to 2 "computer tech outfits" and they both they wanted to blow away all my software making me start all over again. Then an associate mentioned The PC Doctectives. I emailed Cliff and got a call in less than 10 minutes! I explained the glitches in my system and he was confident that they could help. The next thing I knew, my mouse was flying across the screen clicking away as one of the techs explained everything he was doing.
- Jack T, Clearwater FL: