Support When & Where You Need It
Our remote Help Desk allows us to view, diagnose and rapidly solve most problems without ever setting foot in your home. Over 90% of common computer issues are resolved within minutes, using remote support.

How It Works
During your remote session, you will be able to observe the process LIVE by watching your screen while we work on your computer. Your mouse will actually move on your computer screen right before your eyes.

Rest assured, you will always have full control of the mouse and keyboard, and your actions will always overide the technicians. So no breach of security is possible.

When we are finished, we will remove our connection program and we will be unable to reconnect, unless YOU choose to reinstall the program for future service.

This entire process keeps you, our client in complete control at all times, during and after the repair. We're happy to explain this process over the phone to clarify any concerns that you may still have.

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  • •   Why wait to get your computer back from the repair shop?
  • •   Why pay more and lug your computer to retail outlets for software repair?
  • •   Save time and gas, why drive to a retail outlet for a software problem?

Please call to schedule a remote session.